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Creators Cup 2024 Celebrates Innovation and Talent in Marketing and Content Creation

Updated: Jul 9

The "Creators Cup 2024" has concluded with resounding success, marking a celebration of innovation and talent in the fields of marketing and content creation. Organized under the auspices of KMG Network, this competition saw participation from esteemed branch companies such as Viral, Pixel, and Seattle Team, each vying to showcase their prowess and creativity.

Competing Teams

Participants from KMG Network's branch companies brought their A-game to the competition:

1. Viral Team: Led by their seasoned marketers and content creators, Viral brought strategic insights and innovative approaches to the table.


2. Pixel Team: Known for their expertise in digital marketing and creative design, Pixel delivered compelling campaigns and visually captivating content.


3. Seattle Team: With a focus on cutting-edge technologies and market trends, Seattle Team pushed boundaries in marketing strategy and execution.

In partnership with

UNFAO and MCS Coca-Cola LLC extends its sincere thanks to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO) and MCS Coca-Cola LLC for generously sponsoring the "Creators Cup 2024" competition, part of the "Creative Campus 2024" mentorship program. Their support has been pivotal in ensuring the success of this event, highlighting their dedication to nurturing young talent and fostering creativity in marketing and content creation. Creators Cup 2024 challenges young marketers, content creators, and KMG Networking's interns and assistants to showcase their innovation and strategic acumen. We are deeply grateful to MCS Coca-Cola LLC and UNFAO for their unwavering commitment, providing a crucial platform for aspiring talent to thrive.

Competition Highlights

The competition spanned over ten days, during which teams engaged in intensive workshops, masterclasses, and hands-on challenges designed to test their creativity and strategic acumen. Participants had the opportunity to collaborate, innovate, and present their campaigns to a panel of esteemed judges comprising industry experts and stakeholders.

Winners and Achievements

After rigorous evaluation and deliberation, the results of the "Creators Cup 2024" are as follows:

- 1st Place: Viral Team - Recognized for their innovative campaign strategy and impactful content creation.


- 2nd Place: Pixel Team - Acknowledged for their exceptional digital marketing tactics and creative design solutions.


- 3rd Place: Seattle Team - Celebrated for their forward-thinking approach and utilization of cutting-edge technologies in marketing.


The "Creators Cup 2024" not only showcased the immense talent and creativity within KMG Network's branch companies but also highlighted the collaborative spirit and dedication to excellence in marketing and content creation. As participants continue to innovate and push boundaries, the competition serves as a testament to the vibrant and dynamic landscape of Mongolia's marketing industry.

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate the success of "Creators Cup 2024," we look forward to future editions of the competition, fostering innovation, creativity, and professional growth within KMG Network and beyond.

Contact us for more information or to participate in future events:

Phone: 99030677, 88108511


Join us in celebrating creativity and innovation in marketing and content creation!


Marketing & Advertising 

Viral is an independent marketing communications agency that focusing on providing an integrated service of strategic consultancy, viral campaigns, creative advertising, event/activation, PR, social & content marketing. The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

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Innovative. Effective. Creative
(Founded in 2015)

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