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Viral Academy: Marketing Planning Workshop

Updated: May 12

Duration: 3 hours

Program fee: 5 Million MNT

Instructor: Garamkhand Naidansuren

Students: Maximum 20 participant per cohort

Marketing & Strategic Planning Workshop

English instruction:

SOSTAC® was developed by PR Smith and is listed in the Top 3 Business Models worldwide by CIM and adopted by blue-chips like LinkedIn and KPMG. It is recognised for its capacity to reduce a complex planning process to fundamental principles and the ease with which it can be adapted to different business activities.

During this session you will: · Discover why SOSTAC® is such a popular and so widely used model · Deep dive into the root methodology and uses of SOSTAC® · Be able to ask the creator of SOSTAC® practical questions · Gain insights into how SOSTAC® helps businesses develop competitive advantage · Understand how SOSTAC® helps marketers prepare for hypercompetition.

What you stand to gain from using SOSTAC® Through PR Smith’s SOSTAC® sessions, marketing professionals all over the world have discovered how to: · Reduce risk through deeper analysis that improves decision-making · Develop a differentiated position in even the most complex contexts · Systematically improve the efficiency and effect of communication campaigns · Develop a crystal-clear communications strategy · Embed the ‘magic marketing formula’ in all tactics · Reduce investment while maximising potential ROMI · Understand the 10 ‘Actions’ that convert visitors to customers · Explore the 5 ‘Actions’ that convert customers into lifetime customers · Use data & emerging technology to add value to the Lifetime CX